The Segundo Frente Municipality Flourishes for July 26 Celebrations

By: Aida Quintero
Santiago de Cuba, july, 2018. CMKC, Radio Revolución.- The municipality of Segundo Frente has been appointed as the city host for the provincial rally of the 65th anniversary of the Moncada attack in the Santiago de Cuba province. New social works will welcome the date as a reward for its comprehensive results.

A Man known as Fino

Text and photos: Santiago Romero
Santiago de Cuba, July, 2018. CMKC, Radio Revolucion.- A man called Quintiliano Perez has won a difficult match to life when he turned 104 years old in excellent form, in spite of the pacemaker he was implanted more than ten years ago.

Fruit Processing Increase in Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, July, 2018. CMKC, Radios Revolucion.- The Santiago de Cuba America Libre Company has increased the land to plant fruits, and therefore a growth in yield per hectare  is expected in the province.

A Park with Several Names

By Marlene Montoya
Santiago de Cuba, July, 2018. CMKC, Radio Revolucion.- In the downtown area of the city there is a small park that has been there for centuries and has been known as Santo Tomas Park, Martyrs’ Park, and Flor Crombet Park, the latter is the official name and the least known.

New Telephone Numbers for Santiago de Cuba

New numbers with eight digits for regular phones now.
Santiago de Cuba, June, 2018.- This is part of the process undertaken by the Cuban Telephone Company (ETECSA in Spanish) to unify the amount of digits for regular telephone numbers all along the country.