The Manigua Project:

By: Cary Ferriols
Santiago de Cuba, March 2018, CMKC, Radio Revolucion.- The Manigua Project is a scheme that has linked the “Antonio Maceo” Vocational Senior High School with the Provincial Flora and Fauna Facility.

“Chaguito”, the Mascot of the Santiago de Cuba City

By: Carmen Yero
Santiago de Cuba, March 2018.- “Chaguito” the Mascot of the Santiago de Cuba City, who was born during the celebrations for the 500th anniversary of the foundation of the villa, can now be seen everywhere. Several other very attractive figures have joined the chaguitos: four elephants, four pigs, a tiger, two rabbits, coyotes and little bears that hang around public areas.

About the Second Stage of the Electoral Process

By: Yuzdanis Vicet Gómez (collaboration)
Santiago de Cuba, February 2018, CMKC, Radio Revolution.- On March 11, the people of Santiago, like those from all Cuba, will be playing a historical role when they go to the polls and show their democratic will choosing the Delegates to the Provincial Assemblies of the Popular Power and the deputies to the Parliament.

Santiago, Five Years After Sandy

By: Eduardo Palomares Calderón
Photos: Santiago Romero Chang and Archive

Santiago de Cuba, February 2018. CMKC, Radio Revolucion.- Hurricane Sandy practically destroyed this half a million city in just a few hours, but after five years the transformations that have taken place impede visitors from imagining the nightmare we lived during the first hours of October 25, 2012.

International Expert Praises Prospects of Cuban Music

Santiago de Cuba, February, 2018, CMKC, Radio Revolution.- International music expert Jordy Puy, a coordinator from International Sound Diplomacy, a London, Barcelona and Berlin-based music agency, praised the potential of the Cuban music industry as a source of development.(Pl)