Digital Literary Promotion Projects in Santiago de Cuba

By: Karina Sotomayor
Santiago de Cuba, February, 2017, CMKC, Radio Revolucion.- It has been five years now since the digital literary promotion project “Claustrophobia” emerged to support the Havana Book Fair.

It was a dream first. Today, after five years it is a reference for those who defend digital literature in Cuba. The project is very original and attractive. It already has a radio show, multimedia, virtual books and audiovisuals. Many people follow the project in the social networks.

For the 26th Havana Book Fair, the project joined the “Abril” publishing house and the “Hermanos Saiz” Association to promote the “Calendar” awards and it will offer a digital multiplatform with author presentations, and book downloading.

The “Claustrophobia” web site has been updated for the Book Fair, and people can now reserve titles published by the “Oriente” publishing house.

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